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The first three books in the LAC series bundled at a special price! 

Series Introduction: The ongoing LAC series revolves around five lesbian couples—from a variety of careers and at different stages in their relationships—who spend a weekend per month immersed in an adventure concocted by one of the couples. While the stories center upon the adventure, the foundation of each is built upon the gritty issues of friendship and trust between women. Told in first-person by character Kate Sutter, a newspaper reporter, the writing is crisp, and yet, it utilizes her unique perspective and peculiar sense of humor, sending it between the extremes of sentimentality and outright hilarity.

In the LAC Starter Pack, you'll get...

Scavengers, Book 1

A Lesbian Adventure Club scavenger hunt: five couples; eight clues; twenty-four hours; one pants-pissing good time. The rules are simple: trust no one, steamroll if you have to. In the end, it matters if you win and how you play.

Ledge Walkers, Book 2

The Dykes Who Dare are back, minus one. Hostesses Kate and Claudia decide to focus on things they should have been taught in school—things that would have helped them grow up to be strong, healthy women. But with this crew, it’s safe to assume that little turns out as planned and that strong, healthy women are sometimes hard to recognize in the throes of drama, deviance, drunkenness, and a whole lot of ducks.

Savages, Book 3

Yes, the crew is back again, this time plus one. Maggie and Susan give hosting a try with a camping trip out in the middle of the boonies. Add a game of Capture the Flag, paintball guns, and an eerie voice begging for help, and you are safe to assume that the weekend will not bring out the best in them. Maybe our hostesses had something else in mind.

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Lesbian Adventure Club Series Starter Pack

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