"How did the nerd get the cheerleader?" —Ledge Walkers, Book 2

Travel back nearly a decade...

After three years as a newspaper reporter, Kate Sutter is deservedly confident in her work ... at least until an assignment lands her at the university to interview the student president of a business club. Claudia Kitterman, a beautiful powerhouse, completely unnerves her, and when Claudia sets her green-eyed sights on Kate, every self-preserving belief Kate possesses about life, people, and herself gets challenged. Sometimes the seemingly mismatched end up being the perfect match.

It's romance, angst, humor, and a guaranteed happy ending—in true Kate and Claudia style.

Author's Note: Each of the books in the Lesbian Adventure Club series has a plot. Each begins and ends to form a complete package.

There is a larger plot, however, one that encompasses the entire series. This comes in the form of character development, the character arc. As they experience different things, they struggle, they face their demons, they learn, they grow, and sometimes they backslide—just as you and I do.

In my estimation, the backstory contained in this book will alter your experience of reading the Lesbian Adventure Club series. It will change the unfolding of that larger plot because you will become privy to character information not revealed until later books.

With this in mind, I strongly suggest (hope, pray, beg) that The Queen of Terrified & The Newly Brave Landowner not be read until you have followed the characters' natural course of development through at least book eight, L-Word C-Word. I believe this will preserve the intent of the series. It has been and will continue to be character-driven. For experience's sake, let them drive.

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Word Count 62,000

The Queen of Terrified & The Newly Brave Landowner (LAC Prequel)

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